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Canes Girls Youth Hockey

You can find our programs and registration here.


Our Girls Hockey Platform will develop and inspire the next generation of female hockey players in the Carolinas by creating an environment built on learning, fun, and empowerment to foster a love for the game.  Our girls-only programming will provide the attributes to not only build a stronger female hockey community but also increase the number of girls joining and staying in the sport. 


“Expanding access to youth hockey in North Carolina has always been important to our organization,” said Waddell. “Girls’ hockey in the area has been expanding rapidly in recent years, and we want to do everything we can to support that growth and retention.”


The Women's Sports Foundation identified the top 5 reasons girls enjoy playing sports:

1. A way to make friends and spend time with them

2. Feeling a part of a team

3. Being active

4. Gaining new skills and improving existing ones

5. Building confidence

These reasons are the cornerstones of the Girls Hockey Platform.